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Specialized Equipment and Services

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Coating & Disinfectants

Power Vac always begins cleaning HVAC systems using source removal methods.

When specific problems arise such as a suspected microorganism infection, chronic excessive humidity or the results of long term neglect, Power Vac has the experienced personnel and specialized equipment required.

Most HVAC systems have some insulation inside the ductwork. The deterioration of fiberglass insulation causes airborne fibres. This deterioration can be remedied by means of coating products which binds and coats this material with little effect upon its acoustical or insulation properties.

In HVAC systems where microbial growth is a problem and/or disinfecting is required, Power Vac uses disinfectants and sanitizers that are approved and registered for use in Canada.

Before and After Photos of Insulation

Damaged Acoustic Insulation

Repaired with Power Vac's
Insulation Coating

The above pictures show typical damaged acoustic insulation found in most HVAC plenums, before and after being coated with Power Vac’s Insulation Coating. Raw insulation fibres continuously erode into the airstream. Inhaling insulation fibres is a health hazard. Insulation fibres can damage computers and building electronics. Power Vac’s Insulation Coating is the lowest cost, fastest, and easiest way to solve this problem.

Click here to see Power Vac's Insulation Coating Data Sheet [PDF, 27Kb]