Power Vac offers emergency response

  “POWER VAC to the RESCUE” — Power Vac mobilized within 12 hours in order to minimize the disruption to this 130 bed Seniors Home after smoke from a fire contaminated the HVAC system Our quick response and our large fleet of vacuum duct cleaning trucks ensured that the residents of the home had central […]

Is your Central Air having a hard time keeping up

  During the Air Conditioning Season  we regularly get calls from home owners who are concerned about their AC freezing up  and not keeping the home comfortable during the humid periods . Usually Coils freezing up means low air flow or a slight undercharge of refrigerant.  Low air flow is the most common.  It could be […]

ACR 2013 Release

  We are back from New Orleans  .We were brushing brushing up on our VSMR skills. We were introduced to the New Nadca ACR 2013 standard that was rewritten and updated to replace the ACR 2006 standard The ACR 2013 (Assessment, Cleaning & Restoration of the HVAC) establishes criteria for evaluating the cleanliness of  HVAC […]