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Mickey Mantle Topps Card

Our Project Manager from Cambridge contributed this. He found this about 15 years ago while cleaning his truck. The card is a 1961 Mickey Mantle Topps Trading card. In 1961 Mickey was a switch hitting power hitter for the New York Yankees. That year Mickey won the most valuable players award. A rare find indeed.  The card is actually older than Power Vac Services.  Mickey Mantle was 36 when Power Vac started cleaning ductwork in 1966.  What Mickey was to baseball , Power Vac is to duct cleaning….a power hitter!!

Power Vac Duct Cleaning Treasures found in ductwork
Mickey Mantle
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Power Vac Duct Treasurers

Many people ask what we find in the duct work during the cleaning.  Most of the time we find just  a lot  of lint, pet hair, construction debris etc but the odd time we come across some interesting history hidden in the ductwork

Power Vac Cambridge has a small collection of cards, toy, cans etc and we thought it would be interesting  to show you some of the goodies we have collected over the years.

Duct Cleaning Treasurers
This Green Giant can can be dated back to the early 60’s
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