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    Brampton Dryer Duct Cleaning

    Benefits of keeping your dryer duct clean

    Have you ever thought about how many times you use your dryer each year? A study done by Proctor & Gamble reports that the average household does 600 loads of laundry each year. That’s a lot of dirty clothes and towels that we’re washing and drying. While you’re throwing your laundry into the dryer, how much thought are you giving to cleaning your dryer vent? Many of us use our dryers regularly without thinking of the possible risks associated with a plugged dryer duct.

    The benefits of dryer duct cleaning

    1.  A regular dryer vent cleaning can improve the efficiency of your dryer and reduce the risk of a fire in your home. Lint is a leading cause of combustion and accounts for 28% of all residential dryer fires
    2. A blocked vent leads to increased energy consumption by your dryer. Having your dryer vent cleaned can not only help you prevent a house fire, but it can help you save money through reduced energy bills
    3. The dryer will last longer. Properly maintained dryer vents enable your dryer to work more efficiently, extending the life of your dryer.
    4. Your cloths will dry quicker. When your dryer overheats, it has the potential to damage fibers in your clothes.  A clean dryer vent will allow the dryer to dry a full load of laundry takes about 50-60 minutes to dry.

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