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    Burning Dust Smells

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    Do you have that burning smell when the furance comes on.

    Have you switched on the furnce for the first time this years and suddenly you get that burning smell ? When the furance comes on for the first time  it is quite common to smell musty, dusty, or burning odors. The burning smells  are unpleasant and can be irritating to people with asthma or allergies.

    Where Does the Burning Smell Come From?

    The burning scent is usually from dirt  and particulate matter that accumulates in air vents, registers, and the furnace itself. If it smells musty, it can be sign that mold has grown in air ducts. For burning smells, check any floor registers to make sure that no plastic items are sitting on the registers.

    How Can You Avoid the Furnace Smell?

    Power Vac can  help your avoid  that nasty “fall furnace” smell by having your air ducts cleaned before turning the furnace on for the first time.  Duct Cleaning   will have the added benefit of improving your home’s indoor air quality. Also, inspect your air filters and change them if necessary.

    When Will the Smell Go Away?

    The burning furnace smell usually goes away within a couple of hours, but can linger for a couple days. If the furnace smells, open the windows and let the odor dissipate. If the odors linger after opening the windows, proceed to check filters and schedule an air duct cleaning if necessary.

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