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    Duct Cleaning Energy Improvement Study

    In March 2016 NADCA released the white paper “Restoring Energy Efficiency Through HVAC
    Air Distribution System Cleaning,” which demonstrated how to measure improvements in
    HVAC energy performance after HVAC cleaning. A task force of NADCA members was then
    formed to take measurements in the field before and after HVAC cleaning jobs to
    determine the effect cleaning has on energy performance. The testing was done in
    regions across the United States and in Canada, testing many types of HVAC
    systems, commercial and residential. Tests were done before and after cleaning.
    These were done measuring temperature, and in many cases humidity, before and
    after the evaporator (cooling) coil. Airflow, measured as cubic feet per minute (CFM)
    moving through the system, was also tested.

    The results of the NADCA Energy Field Trials task force show that pronounced
    improvements in cooling capacity and airflow are a typical result of HVAC cleaning.
    HVAC cleaning should be considered as part of any program seeking to improve a
    building’s energy efficiency.

    duct cleaning energy improvement study by nadca