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    Canada’s dust removal specialists lead the way for cleaner air

    Power Vac’s Clean Team specializes in removing dust and dirt from heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. We have over 40 years of experience in solving virtually every type of dust removal problem in every type of building.

    Hotels, hospitals, and schools call Power Vac

    In buildings with forced air HVAC systems, clean air is vital to the well being of the people inside, and to the efficient operation of the system. Wherever clean air is important, you can depend on Power Vac. Our dust removal professionals have cleaned thousands of HVAC systems, professionally and promptly. Specially designed and built units can readily handle commercial, industrial, institutional and residential customers, everything from high rises to hospitals.

    Powerfully equipped to remove dust

    Our custom-designed mobile vacuum units were built in Canada by Power Vac Systems of Canada Ltd. A motor-driven vacuum is mounted on a 3-ton truck with an auxiliary diesel engine to power the vacuum. Eight inch vacuum hose is used to apply suction to isolated zones. Compressed air in combination with a skipper delivers up to 200 psi pressure to the interior of the ductwork, zone by zone, until the entire system is thoroughly “scrubbed” cleaned.

    Experience has demonstrated the need for different sized mobile vacuuming equipment for industrial and residential assignments. Power Vac has the right equipment for every job.

    COMPORT PV4000

    For high rise buildings and other places where a truck mounted unit would have access problems, Power Vac has developed the Comport PV4000.

    This three component system contains a bag house, a power unit with HEPA filters capable of 99.97% efficient filtration of 0.3 micron particles, and a 200 psi portable compressor.

    Note: Not all IAQ services available from all offices.

    HVAC Cleaning Video

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