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    The Power Vac mobile inspection camera is a safe and easy way to inspect all the interior components of the system. It is used to determine the volume of accumulations as well as inspect the dampers, variable air volume boxes, reheat coils and other operational characteristics of the system. This camera could avoid unnecessary operations and provides the building owner with a video tape record of the system inspection.

    Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has become a frequent topic of conversation and media attention, as serious threats to occupant health surface more frequently with the aging of major buildings. Some of these threats could incude:

    • Legionnaire’s Disease
    • Sick Building Syndrome
    • Allergic Reactions

    These problems can be symptoms of a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System (HVAC) in need of cleaning.

    Even without reaching the point of health hazards, neglected HVAC systems bring about occupant complaints about temperature, and produce costly inefficiencies for the operator:

    • High energy consumption
    • Poor airflow
    • High volumes of dust in the air
    • Hot and cold spots
    • Zones with no airflow

    Most IAQ problems and HVAC inefficiencies are brought about by the activitiies within the building itself; deterioration of building materials, carpeting, insulation and the effects of construction and renovation.

    The best and most economical solution is Power Vacuuming immediately following construction or renovations and regular cleaning thereafter on a schedule that is appropriate to each individual system. Your Power Vac representative can advise an economical and appropriate program based on periodic inspection.

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