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    Ingra Vacuum Technology

    To put it simply, duct cleaning involves the removal of dust and harmful residues from your ductwork, ensuring that these particles aren’t circulated into your living space when the HVAC system operates. However, a challenge arises because conventional vacuum systems, commonly used for duct cleaning, lack the necessary suction power to effectively eliminate all the dirt from the intricate network of ducts that connect various rooms in your home. Consequently, while these systems may manage to clear some dirt near the entry points, a substantial amount remains lodged in other parts of the ductwork. This residual dust becomes re-introduced into the air when you restart the furnace.

    To address this limitation, we’ve taken a commercial vacuum system and elevated it to an industrial grade (IN-GRA). This exclusive technology is utilized for all our commercial and industrial clients, spanning sectors such as food processing, senior housing, and automotive manufacturing. Being the largest duct cleaning service in Canada, we benefit from the opportunity to carry out numerous tests daily, enabling us to consistently enhance and uphold peak performance.

    On average, our suction power surpasses that of a similar truck-mounted duct cleaning system by 50% to 150%. To simplify, it’s comparable to comparing the engine strength of your regular carpet vacuum – a more robust engine equates to superior outcomes.