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    Dryer Vent Cleaning Mississauga

    Dryer ducts or vents are used to exhaust air from your clothes dryer. The duct can be long if it needs to travel a long distance to the outside, or it can be short if your dryer backs to an exterior wall. Since clothing lint often gets trapped inside your dryer duct or vent, it must be cleaned regularly to avoid a fire.

    Power Vac has been cleaning dryer ductwork since 1967. We have been serving Mississauga for almost half a century. Lint buildup in a dryer duct is a serious matter. It is a fire hazard that can be prevented. Regular cleaning of the dryer duct is a good way of eliminating this fire hazard and prolonging the life of the dryer. If you have a dryer that takes a long time to dry your clothes, you should consider cleaning your dryer duct. For a price, call us at 905-897-3030.

    A Power Vac Mississauga Dryer Duct Cleaning helps Prevent:

    1. Excessive Drying Time – Dryer vents cleaned more efficiently, and clothes dry faster. You will save wear and tear on your dryers.
    2. Breakdowns – The cleaner the vents, the less strain there is on your dryers, so the motor and electrical circuits last longer. And you don’t have to spend as much on repairs and replacements.
    3. High Utility Bills – When your dryers are running at peak efficiency, they cost you less to operate.
    4. Fire – Overloaded vents and overworked dryers can be a dangerous combination. When the vents are clean, you can eliminate overloading and overwork, and you lower the risks of fire.
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