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    Air Duct Cleaning Stratford

    Power Vac is an experienced Stratford Air Duct Cleaning Company with 57 years experience

    Power Vac Stratford specializes in residential, commercial, and industrial duct cleaning services. We also provide dryer duct cleaning, bathroom exhaust cleaning, and attic insulation removal.

    We service Stratford, Mitchell, Listowel, Milverton, St. Mary’s, and all of Perth County.

    The Power Vac Team is a unique group of skilled professional duct cleaners, providing the best one-to-one service.

    Power Vac has been a NADCA Certified Contractor since 1999. Currently, Power Vac Duct Cleaning has 3 ASCS’s on staff and has been proud members of the BBB since 1989. Our online ratings show that Power Vac works hard to ensure our customers are satisfied.

    We are a one-of-a-kind team, known for our ongoing investments in cutting-edge Duct Cleaning technologies, NADCA-focused education, spotless safety record, and unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch service. You won’t find another team like ours anywhere else.

    Experience the difference with our qualified, NADCA Certified Duct Cleaning Contractor. You can rely on our expertise and exceptional service for all your duct cleaning needs.

    For a quote please complete the online form or call us at 519-273-2910

    Clean air is a necessity, not a luxury

    When it comes to life’s necessities, it doesn’t get much more essential than clean air. We all know that clean air is a prerequisite for a healthy life and environment, so why should we expect ~ or demand ~ anything less from the air we breathe? Keeping the air inside you home clean is vital to your health.

    Benefits of Duct Cleaning

    Duct cleaning improves indoor air quality by removing dust, allergens, and debris from the ductwork. Clean ducts enhance system and energy efficiency, leading to lower bills and longer HVAC lifespan. It also helps to create a cleaner living environment. Furthermore, duct cleaning can minimize fire hazards associated with accumulated debris in ducts.

    Over time, ductwork can gather up dust, pet dander, pollen, mold spores, and other allergens. When the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system operates, these contaminants can be circulated throughout your home or office, negatively impacting air quality. Duct cleaning helps to remove these pollutants, leading to cleaner and healthier air for occupants, particularly those with allergies.

    When ducts become clogged with debris, the HVAC system has to work harder to circulate air throughout the space. Clean ducts allow for better airflow, reducing strain on the system and leading to improved energy efficiency. As a result, you may see lower energy bills and a longer lifespan for your HVAC systems.

    In some cases, ducts can accumulate enough debris, such as lint or dust, to become a fire hazard. Cleaning the ducts removes this risk, creating a safer living or working environment.

    Put our 57 years of experience to work for you!

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