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    Our 5-step Ironclad Commitment to You


    While we started cleaning ducts over 50 years, duct cleaning is still a relatively novel concept for many home owners, some of them using it for the first time.  Some unscrupulous operators take advantage of this fact by intentionally keeping everything vague in order to overcharge while underservicing.  We pioneered the 5-step Ironclad Commitment based on customer feedback and inspired by the best practices from other service businesses to take the guesswork out of duct cleaning.  After all, our business model is not to make a windfall on one service call but to generate continuous volume through repeat businesses and referrals.

    Step 1: We commit that a live agent will answer each time you call without transferring you through an auto-attendant first.  He or she will take the time to understand your situation, suggest a solution and quote a price that will not change.

    Step 2: We commit that our technician will show up at your home within a window of 90 minutes, not 4 or 6 hours.

    Step 3: We commit that we will only send you a highly trained technician who will clean your ducts in accordance with or exceeding NADCA standards.  Our technicians are not commissioned, will not upsell and will not leave until the ducts are thoroughly cleaned.  There is never a surcharge if the job takes longer than expected.

    Step 4: We commit to perform regular quality control on all aspects of our work, especially areas that you cannot easily inspect yourself.

    Step 5: We commit that should you have any concern about our work, you can call us at any time after the completion of the service, with no time limit.  If we cannot resolve your issue over the phone, we will send you a technician within 72 hours at our cost.