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    Poor Air Flow Problems

    How to Identifying the Source of Low Airflow and balance your system for optimum air flow

    Having balanced HVAC airflow is imperative to warming and cooling your home properly; otherwise your heating and air conditioning unit may distribute air unevenly throughout your home. This could result in a stuffy/warm room in the summer or a chilly room during the winter, as well as inflated heating and cooling bills. If you find that your home has uneven temperatures throughout the year, it is most likely because of unbalanced airflow. As for the cause of uneven airflow, there are a variety of things that can affect it, however, they all result in little or no airflow out of your supply air registers. Determining the cause can be extremely easy if you know where to look.

    You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure how how to increase the air flow in you hvac system. This video offers you some valuable low cost ideas that will make a difference in your home and your wallet
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