Choose a NADCA certified contractor

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Choose a NADCA certified duct cleaning contractor for
your next HVAC Remediation project


NADCA members work in accordance with the Association’s ACR Standard, which provides guidance on the proper and safe techniques required during HVAC Inspection, Maintenance and Restoration procedures.

At least one employee of each NADCA member company must receive NADCA’s Air System Cleaning Specialist (ASCScertification and maintain this certification with Continuing Education Credits each year. NADCA also offers a Certified Ventilation Inspection (CVI) certification.

A majority of NADCA members have been in business many years, and possess the knowledge and experience necessary to perform to the highest standards. Members also have significant knowledge of the tools and equipment that are necessary
for each particular job. NADCA members are truly committed to our industry.


The benefits

Choosing a NADCA-member contractor for your next duct-cleaning job positions you for success. Identifying a local duct-cleaning contractor who holds membership with the association to perform the job offers you unique advantages:

  • High standards. When you work with a NADCA-qualified contractor, you can trust that the business places importance on proper
    education and training for its’s of its technicians, and on following industry standards for cleaning, restoration and assessing the HVAC system.
  • Ethical work practices. To become a member of the organization, contractors must agree to adhere to the organization’s Code
    of Ethics, which supports honoring the customer’s time and investment, as well as adhering to best practices for cleaning.
  • Protection. Members must hold liability insurance as a form of protection for consumers should something go wrong on the job.
    You should never hire any type of contractor that doesn’t hold liability insurance .
  • Certification. At least one person employed by the contractor must be trained by the organization and then certified to
    perform the various tasks associated with cleaning ducts in order to become a member. This practice ensures that the right
    information and training gets passed along to other technicians in the company.
  • Comprehensive cleaning. The organization also requires that contractors agree to follow their cleaning and restoration
    practices for the entire HVAC system, not just the ductwork.

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Darwyn has been involved with Power Vac since 1989. He has an extensive marketing background in the HVAC Remediation industry . He holds his ASCS and VSMR through NADCA. Connect with Darwyn at Google +