Can Duct Work be professionally cleaned for $170???

I got a deal

My answer is simple, yes in 1983 you might have gotten the system cleaned for that amount.

We all get the regular over seas call center calls  with attractive prices and the “deal of the day” emails in our mail box promoting duct cleaning.  We at Power Vac get many inquiries from confused consumers wondering why there is such a price discrepancy in our industry.

As any informed consumer would tell you, price is important, but  how the contractor will clean the ductwork , what is included and what is not  and the experience and reputation of the contractor should be an important consideration.

In our industry, methods for cleaning duct work will vary from a professional Nadca Certified Contractor using Vacuum Trucks with the required air tools to brush the inside of the ductwork to the contractors who use portable vacuums in the house .  An experienced reputable contractor will know the engineering controls and containment strategies required to protect the occupants of the house and prevent cross contamination. An experienced contractor will be educated to ensure that the job is done right.

Before you select a contractor you must determine what is included in the price and what is not and how does the price change.  What are the  possible add ons when the contractor arrives ?   Does the cost include access panels, extra hook ups, vacuuming the fan, coils, plenums etc ?

The experience and reputation of the contractor should be an important consideration.  How long has the contractor been cleaning ductwork , Is the contractor  Nadca Certified, do they carry liability insurance, are the service technicians covered by WSIB, Is the contractor in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and most importantly does the contractors work come with a warranty.

With a few little bit of knowledge and a few questions asked before you make your important decision on your service provider , you should be set to make a wise consumer choice.

Locally, we are blessed to have some really good service providers who really want to make a difference but bad decisions are made when  inexperienced, unqualified, uncertified  service providers are mixed with consumers who buy on price.





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