Air Duct Cleaning After Renovations

    Should you clean your ductwork after a renovation Should you invest your money in Air Duct Cleaning after completing your home renovation or home remodeling project? Customers frequently ask this question after a renovation project (bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, finishing the basement ) or any other extensive remodel project where a lot of […]

Air Make Up Systems

Call Power Vac Winnipeg for your Commercial Duct Cleaning Needs   This video will show how a standard make-up air ventilation system works and the benefits of preventive maintenance on this critical system in your building. You will see a professional tradesperson carry out a typical preventative maintenance call, as well as some simple tasks […]

Power Vac Tools of the trade

Power Vac commercial duct cleaning services provide HVAC remediation services in health care facilities. The increased focus on infection control standards today requires a reliable contamination solution that can be deployed quickly. Our EDU portable containment unit provides temporary containment of airborne particles during normal facility operations. It provides isolation while allowing the operation of […]

Ultraviolet Lighting

Ultraviolet Lighting in HVAC units Ultraviolet lighting in HVAC units has increased substantially over the years with the sudden interested in maintaining a healthy indoor environment. This article will introduce you to the basics of Ultraviolet Lighting Definition of Ultraviolet Lighting A rainbow is made when light shines through droplets of water and breaks into […]

Is your Central Air having a hard time keeping up

  During the Air Conditioning Season  we regularly get calls from home owners who are concerned about their AC freezing up  and not keeping the home comfortable during the humid periods . Usually Coils freezing up means low air flow or a slight undercharge of refrigerant.  Low air flow is the most common.  It could be […]