House Dust

House Dust We Vacuum, we dust but despite our best efforts dust always seems to come back. Dust happens. It’s a universal truth that as soon as you dust your furniture, more dust will collect. But, that doesn’t mean that the battle has to end there. Dust can be – and should be – fought. Why? […]

Floods and your HVAC system

    Floods can affect your HVAC system Flooding can happen at any time of the year. Whether there is a heavy rain fall, snow has melted causing ice damming or a pipe bursts within your home. Considering the cleanliness of the HVAC system after a flood should be a high priority because that system […]

Do I Need A Furnace Humidifier

Furnace Humidifiers A Furnace Humidifier should be a required component of your heading system.  A  humidifier installed directly into your cooling and heating system will introduces humidity in the form of water vapor into the air that travels through heating ducts. The level of humidity is then monitored and controlled by your thermostat, just like the […]


    Makeup air units- What every condo owner should know Make-up air units supply fresh air to buildings to compensate for air lost through exhaust fans and other sources. Simply put, they “make up” for lost air, which helps to ensure good indoor air quality for everyone. With 48 years of service excellence in […]

High Tech Furnace Filter

Your Air Filter Just Got Smarter   Wouldn’t it be great if your air filter could send you a text when it became clogged and lost its efficiency? For many of us, changing air filters is an easily forgettable chore. Who has time to think about something that is hardly noticed on a daily, or even […]