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5 Common Steps To Help Solve Poor Air Flow Problems

Proper air flow is one of the most critical things your air conditioner needs to do its job properly. Even if the system is properly removing heat from the air that flows through the unit, it doesn’t help your comfort if the conditioned air doesn’t make it to the space that needs heated or cooled.
We are entering the dog days of summer, and already we’ve seen high humidity & sweltering 90+ degree temperatures. It’ times like these when people everywhere are either thankful for their air conditioners or are sweating and sleeping in the basement because their air conditioners don’t work! Weak airflow is one of the most annoying air conditioner problems there is, not only because it’s uncomfortable but also because you can’t immediately be sure of what’ wrong with it. There are a number of reasons why you might be experiencing weak airflow, some are easy fixes, some require the help of a service professional.

Dirty Fan Blower

Within the furnace cabinet there is a fan-blower which distributes the air. Overtime dust and debris builds on the fan blower blades reducing its ability to grab and distribute the air. By routinely cleaning the furnace you can improve your homes airflow.

Distance from the Furnace is too long

As the HVAC system is in operation, it blows and draws air through a series of air ducts to condition each space of the home. While there is a strong force of air pressure as the air is blown from the HVAC unit , the strength of the airflow dissipates as it reaches the furthest points of the ventilation system. More often than not this airflow problem relates to poor design in the architecture of the home or poor installation practices of the HVAC system. Sometimes modifications can be made to the ventilation system to provide a greater volume of air with less restriction. A booster fan is a good solution if you have a heating run that’s too long. A booster fan will give you that extra push so the air can get to where it needs to go.

Lack of Return Air

Proper airflow within a home is always related to the circulation of air flow. Your home relies on supply air vents which blow conditioned air into the home, and return air vents which draw the air back to the furnace or air conditioner. A lack of return air vents decreases the circulation of airflow within a home, adding additional return vents in areas with poor airflow will help improve a homes air circulation.

Plugged AC Coil

Regardless of it being the heating season or cooling season, air still has to be able to blow through the coil. If the coil gets dirty , it restricts air greatly. A regular cleaning of the evaporator coils on an regular basis can improve your homes airflow.

Seal up Ducts

Leaking air ducts are more common than you might think, in fact, they’re among the leading causes of weak airflow! If you think you have leaky ducts, shine a flashlight in one of your vents and see if you can see any light coming through. If you can, call a Duct Sealing contractor to come out and seal them up, duct sealing will improve your air conditioner airflow, making you more comfortable and saving you $$$ on your heating and cooling bills!

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