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Power Vac Annual Turkey Drive

Power Vac’s annual Turkey Drive

Our annual Christmas Turkey Drive starts today and runs until Dec 20 2013. During a regular scheduled service call Power Vac will clean the main floor or basement dryer vent for free for a donation of $25.00 to the Rotary Club Turkey Drive . For $25.00 you get a cleaned dryer vent , a tax receipt for $25.00 and you will be providing a Christmas Turkey for a needy family in our community. Last year we raised funds for 33Turkeys and this year we hope to raise funds 50 Turkeys


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Dirty AC Coil


During the Air Conditioning Season  we regularly get calls from home owners who are concerned about their AC freezing up  and not keeping the home comfortable during the humid periods .

Usually Coils freezing up means low air flow or a slight undercharge of refrigerant.  Low air flow is the most common.  It could be a result of a dirty filter,  dirty ductwork, damaged evaporator coil, restrictions in the ductwork or even a mismatched system where the outside unit is to large for the evaporator coil inside the furnace.

Frequently when Power Vac is cleaning ductwork  we do find blockages in the evaporator coils inside the furnace.  Blocked coils are a result of the fins of the evaporator coil getting plugged up .  The close spacing of the aluminum fins on an evaporator coil makes it easy for dirt, dust and other debris to stick. Lodged debris causes blockages, affecting the overall performance and efficiency of your air conditioning. Air flow across the coil becomes blocked, degrading heat transfer. Blockages come in the form of build-up from skin cells, fabric fibers, pet hair, grass clippings, tobacco smoke, pollen, mud, rust and bacteria.

Regular maintenance of your Furnace and Air Conditioner by a heating contractor, regular filter changes and a regular duct cleaning every 3 years with help to ensure that your heating and cooling system runs efficiently  and keeps everyone comfortable when you need it most.






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Mickey Mantle Topps Card

Our Project Manager from Cambridge contributed this. He found this about 15 years ago while cleaning his truck. The card is a 1961 Mickey Mantle Topps Trading card. In 1961 Mickey was a switch hitting power hitter for the New York Yankees. That year Mickey won the most valuable players award. A rare find indeed.  The card is actually older than Power Vac Services.  Mickey Mantle was 36 when Power Vac started cleaning ductwork in 1966.  What Mickey was to baseball , Power Vac is to duct cleaning….a power hitter!!

Power Vac Duct Cleaning Treasures found in ductwork
Mickey Mantle
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Power Vac Duct Treasurers

Many people ask what we find in the duct work during the cleaning.  Most of the time we find just  a lot  of lint, pet hair, construction debris etc but the odd time we come across some interesting history hidden in the ductwork

Power Vac Cambridge has a small collection of cards, toy, cans etc and we thought it would be interesting  to show you some of the goodies we have collected over the years.

Duct Cleaning Treasurers
This Green Giant can can be dated back to the early 60’s
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Can Duct Work be professionally cleaned for $170???

I got a deal

My answer is simple, yes in 1983 you might have gotten the system cleaned for that amount.

We all get the regular over seas call center calls  with attractive prices and the “deal of the day” emails in our mail box promoting duct cleaning.  We at Power Vac get many inquiries from confused consumers wondering why there is such a price discrepancy in our industry.

As any informed consumer would tell you, price is important, but  how the contractor will clean the ductwork , what is included and what is not  and the experience and reputation of the contractor should be an important consideration.

In our industry, methods for cleaning duct work will vary from a professional Nadca Certified Contractor using Vacuum Trucks with the required air tools to brush the inside of the ductwork to the contractors who use portable vacuums in the house .  An experienced reputable contractor will know the engineering controls and containment strategies required to protect the occupants of the house and prevent cross contamination. An experienced contractor will be educated to ensure that the job is done right.

Before you select a contractor you must determine what is included in the price and what is not and how does the price change.  What are the  possible add ons when the contractor arrives ?   Does the cost include access panels, extra hook ups, vacuuming the fan, coils, plenums etc ?

The experience and reputation of the contractor should be an important consideration.  How long has the contractor been cleaning ductwork , Is the contractor  Nadca Certified, do they carry liability insurance, are the service technicians covered by WSIB, Is the contractor in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and most importantly does the contractors work come with a warranty.

With a few little bit of knowledge and a few questions asked before you make your important decision on your service provider , you should be set to make a wise consumer choice.

Locally, we are blessed to have some really good service providers who really want to make a difference but bad decisions are made when  inexperienced, unqualified, uncertified  service providers are mixed with consumers who buy on price.





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Nadca ACR 2013 Standard


We are back from New Orleans  .We were brushing brushing up on our VSMR skills. We were
introduced to the New Nadca ACR 2013 standard that was rewritten and updated to replace
the ACR 2006 standard

The ACR 2013 (Assessment, Cleaning & Restoration of the HVAC)
establishes criteria for evaluating the cleanliness of  HVAC systems components, and
for cleaning and restoring systems to a specific level of cleanliness

ACR 2013 provides you practical, reliable and industry-backed information for:
-Assessing new and existing HVAC systems
-Evaluating and verifying the cleanliness of HVAC system components
-Preventing job related hazards
-Guiding the cleaning and restoration o f HVAC systems to a specific level of cleanliness.

The spec is written for international use.

Another reason why you want to deal with a Nadca Certified Contractor

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Power Vac Emergency Services

Power Vac Fleet
Power Vac Fleet

Emergency Services
Our fleet size enables us to respond quickly to emergency calls . Our fleet of trucks, our experience and our availability after hours ensures that our customer’s business operation will be up and running quickly with minimum disruption

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CBC Marketplace partners with Power Vac to Investigate

TV show CBC Marketplace partners with Power Vac Toronto to reveal
how Canadians are getting ripped off by offshore telemarketers.

li-ginomeranda-620 (1)

CBC Marketplace just finished a 2 part series showing how offshore
Call centers are not delivering service that Canadians are expecting to get.
Gino Merenda of Power Vac Toronto (GTA) took part in the Marketplace
Investigation, which used hidden cameras to monitor the techniques
and the overall effectiveness of the discount duct cleaners.
Gino Merenda and The National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) also warned that aside
from just doing a poor job, the dodgier duct cleaners sometimes pull another scam: upselling.

The EPA and National Air Duct Cleaners Association (Nadca) both conclude that cleaning the
Ventilation system can increase energy efficiency. Both also agree that if the homeowners
Needs to have the work done, that they hire a qualified, experienced contractor
For the whole storey follow the link

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